Аксессуары для чистых помещений

  Ведро из нержавеющей стали
klohk_bucket-with-base-hoop • Material 1.4301
• highly-polished
• with seamless handle joints
• graduated on one side in 1-l stages
  Мерная емкость из нержавеющей стали
klohk_measuring_beaker_cylindrical • Material 1.4301
• highly-polished
• with pouring spout
• type 1 graduated inside and outside, measuring figures inside
• type 2 graduated on the inside
  Сито из нержавеющей стали
 klohk_stainless_steel_fine_sievel • Material 1.4301, matt polished
• medium-heavy version
• with finely woven wire mesh
• with spacing to the base
  Совок из нержавеющей стали  бесшовный
 klohk_multipurpose-shovel_1 • Material 1.4404, highly polished
• extra heavy quality
• seamless jointing of shovel and handle
• handle attached with 20° inclination angle upwards
  Этажерка из нержавеющей стали
klohk_stainless-steel-steps • Material 1.4301
• stable tubular frame construction from
square tubing machined without joints
• ribbed for anti-slip tread
• Adjusting foot electrically conducting
  Корзина для переноски проб
 klohk_stainless-steel-wire-basketl • Material 1.4301
• electrolytically polished
• wire thicknesses 8 x 8 x 1 mm
  Катушка со шлангом и возвратным  механизмом
klohk_measu • Application field hygiene and foodstuffs
• Construction form open, stainless steel console
• Hose drum made with double ball bearings, stainless steel
• Can be attached to wall, floor or ceiling
• Rotary transmission with double ball bearings, stainless steel
• Drum locking device 6-fold
• with hose stop
• Hose outlet via 4 rollers, can be dismantled for rapid cleaning
and disinfection
• Spring drive encapsulated
• Pressure max. 30 MPa (300 bar at 150°C)
• Hose connection 3/8” BSP 60° cone AG

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