Специальные конструкции

Due to decades of experience and a flexible manufacturing we can always produce customized solutions made of aluminum in single-part and batch production. The solutions we offer include rack trolley, perforated metal plate box, pallet with plug-in feet, bobbin carrier, drying rack, pallet for transport and storage of IBC containers and base frome for waste containers.

Ask for your special transport or storage problem for our solutions.

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  Tray truck
Hurtz_Aluminium_Sonderkonstruktionen_Hordenwagen — e.g. for the sterilisation of products
— with insertable trays
— front doors divided
— on wheels
  Perforated metal plate box
Hurtz_Aluminium_Sonderkonstruktionen_Lochblechbox — all sides with perforated sheets
— upper front plate removable with 2 handles
— tamper-proof with a special lock
  Pallet with pedestal feet
Hurtz_Aluminium_Sonderkonstruktionen_Palette_mit_Steckfuessen — with expandable metal top
— stackable (second pallet already stacked in the image)
— connectable top can be disasse,bled completely (4 corner poles, 4 struts)
  Bobbin holder
Hurtz_Aluminium_Sonderkonstruktionen_Spulentraeger — special holder for tops with a conical bottom (e.g. octabins)
  Base frame for waste container
Hurtz_Aluminium_Sonderkonstruktionen_Untergestell_fuer_Muellcontainer — dimension and execution by customer’s request
Pallet for the transport/storage of IBC-containers
Hurtz_Aluminium_Sonderkonstruktionen_Palette_zum_Transport_und_Lagerung_von_IBC-Containern — dimension and execution by customer’s request
Hurtz_Aluminium_Sonderkonstruktionen_Hordernwagen_Trockengestell — aluminum-shelf (welded)
— with inside welded angles 50x50x3 mm for acceptance of totally 8 slots
— each slot max. 30 kgs load capacity
— with 4 under-screwed rolls Ø 125 mm (2 with locking device)